movement for digital eternity -

some shoot their email just physically into orbit (e.g. KEO) others do it virtually: secure yourself an eternal place in history by a simple mouse-click! join the movement for digital eternity!

it is as simple as that: as the us government with help from the uk and other mates from the commonwealth (like new zealand and australia) filter and store by the "echelon"-system all the emails with bad words in it like "terrorism", "kill the us president on 02/10/2000", "plastite" etc. you will enter eternal storage just by sending email with bad content to your friends and thus even secure THEM eternal life in the data center of NSA!

Don't forget to write some words about your living situation, about what you like or don't like (like food, political correctness, parents or naughty kidz, cats and dogs, excrements of both of them in your backyard when you just wanted to take a short nap in the afternoon sun and realized after five minutes that- , about how you earn your living, about what music you like or just about the content of your freezer..) - just enclose what you want to leave as a message for the next generations!

So don't hesitate and join our movement for eternal laughter; chear up the digital archaeologists in 2134 and use your brainz to write really bad letters to all your friends and clubmates!

some keywords:

terroristic activities / place a bomb in the lobby of the white house just behind the corner at your right hand side just after the entrance to the ladies room / tnt / plastite / kill the president of the US af A on 02/10/2000 or some day / kill myself / uzi / m16 / kalachnikov / we still need more money / teddybear / entente bernoise / lehrerzimmer / PLO / extremists / our answer to the missile attack on our headquarters / RAF / IRA / Scheikh Ahmed Yassin / Osama bin Laden /

feedback, more keywords, your message to the next generation: emaille to the mde!